First Class

CHF 4'000.00

poly-E-fair’s most exclusive package, offering you the best experience possible!

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This exclusive package is only available to a total of three companies who will receive premium advertising and exceptional care. Participation in the 2023 poly-E-fair brings access to thousands of ETH student profiles and the opportunity to video chat live with these bright, young minds. Our team will provide templates to guide you in creating a unique virtual booth, which will draw the attention of eager participants. Or alternatively, purchase a booth graphic design session.

A detailed instructional video will be available which will present the steps needed to successfully prepare for the fair, as well as give a rundown of the event schedule. We will also hold a FAQ session for all participating companies via zoom. All materials will be made available inside your website portal.

As a premium partner you are guaranteed a half-hour livestream time slot to present your company to all active participants. Exclusive to premium companies, we will also interview up to three of your employees and create a written interview to highlight the greatest assets your team has to offer. This interview will be included on the fair website as well as distributed to students through social media and the fair brochure. New this year, you will also be able to participate in our "speed-interviewing" rounds to provide one-on-one access to ETH students. Your company logo will be prominently displayed before and during the career fair to ensure you receive special attention by all attendees. Don’t miss out on this limited opportunity, sign up now to save your spot!