Basic Economy

CHF 750.00

A more basic package, but at a huge discount to help startups and smaller businesses gain access to ETH talent!


This basic, discounted package has been made to help ensure we cater to a wide range of employers. This package includes participation in the 2023 poly-E-fair which brings access to thousands of ETH student profiles and the opportunity to video chat live with these bright, young minds. Your company logo will be included in the event brochure, providing excellent advertising. Our team will provide templates to guide you in creating a unique virtual booth, but the overall design will be done by your company. This package does not include access to speed-interviewing rooms or a livestream presentation timeslot, but you will still be able to chat with students in the larger virtual chat rooms.

A detailed instructional video will be available which will present the steps needed to successfully prepare for the fair, as well as give a rundown of the event schedule. We will also hold a FAQ session for all participating companies via zoom. All materials will be made available inside your website portal. Sign up now to get access to all of these amazing benefits!