We will continuously update the list of FAQs to help out. Please contact us at info@polyefair.ch if you cant find the answer in the list below.

What is the procedure for making the booths?

We suggest you read through the company guidlines, which can be found here. Once you understand how the fair is operated, the next step is to design your own booth. You can find templates for starting the booth here, as well as explanations on what a booth really is (English, German).

Once you have made your material for the fair, we currently have a technical team standing by to receive your booth designs, logo, files, and widget requests. For the first time this year, we have created an online uploading system where you can submit the material. Once all of you material has been submitted, the team will create the booth along with the widgets and any other request you might have. We will send you the account credentials upon completion and work with you to ensure the booth matches your vision.

Can I use several images for my company logo?

The answer depends on how many logos you would like to merge. To be on the safe side, we could combine all logos in one image and put it as if it were just one logo. We can try and see how it looks and adjust if necessary.

Should we put photos of our team on the booth background?

Yes! That’s a great idea. This small addition will immediately give an excellent personal impression for people visiting your booth. It will help provide the participants with a visualization of you as they use the chat function.

Can I access the Career platform and upload the material myself, instead of emailing it to you?

Yes, we can give you full access to the website early and allow you to create the booth yourself. Additionally, we have a technical team standing by to help you make the booth and finish the widgets for you. If you would like this, please send a request to info@polyefair.ch.

Can we use the same booth as last year?

Yes, this is possible as we have all contents from the 2021 poly-E-fair. Please let info@polyefair.ch know of this, and they will work to recreate the booth from last year.

Now that I have submitted my booth material, how long will it take for my booth to be up on the website?

Given that the fair has traditionally been highly successful, you should expect the booth to be prepared 1-3 weeks following submission. However, this depends on the frequency of submissions. We ask for your patience in this process, but guarantee that your booth will be presented no less than one week before the fair.

Before I send you the files, is there a standardized file name format I should follow?

We encourage you to follow the format below, as this will help us to keep the career fair platform organized, but this is not mandatory: 

Logo file: [CompanyName]_logo_# 

Booth file:[CompanyName]_booth_main

What is EXPO-IP?

EXPO-IP is the company we have partnered with that has created the backend of the career fair.

What is the official language of the fair?

The official language of the event is english. So we recommend making your booth materials and ongoing communications in english to maximize the impact to visitors. However, last year we had 70% of all visitors who could speak german, so if your targeted audience are german-speakers, you could consider creating booth materials in german.