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What to expect for 2023

Connect with partipants

The 2023 poly-E-fair marks the fifth iteration of the fair. Over the last four fairs, we have learned a lot about how to most effectively engage companies and participants. This trend is expected to continue into the future as people become more accustomed to the online world. With a greater focus on international companies this year, we hope to draw a more diverse crowd than ever before. What this means for you is that you can expect exposure to over 1000 participants!

Setting up your booth

Over the years, the organizing committee for the poly-E-fair has listened to company feedback and tried to improve the setup process. In 2022, we introduced the “company portal” feature to help you find all resources, update your company profile, and upload all required booth material through an online interface. This proved well to help avoid cumbersome email chains and made the entire process much more enjoyable and therefore we will use it again in 2023.

Live-chat features

Having established the poly-E-fair in 2019, we have always been a trendsetter for what’s possible. For 2023, we are again focusing extensively on providing intimate video-chats. Not only does this remove complexities associated with text-chat tools, but improves your ability to connect with participants. We are also planning to have new features, such as larger rooms, resume screen sharing, and one-on-one speed-interviewing so that many student resumes can be easily exchanged on-the-spot.

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